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Here is the latest event


Our 2001 blockparty was held at the Ledfords, just after the tragedy on 9/11. The theme was obvious.

The Secor party animals got together at Pastels for an evening of fun in February 2002

The 2002 Blockparty was held at the Yagels. This one went on and on and on Brett is making midnight snacks for the guys!


The 2003 Blockparty was quite an affair at Donna's ....


Nick's pictures

Lenny's pictures


Yaier's pictures

There's also a Picture Show for the 2003 blockparty - click here

The 2004 Blockparty was at the Ng's - Hawaii was the theme!

In March 2005, we said farewell to Lynn and Chuck, who have now moved to California

The 2005 Blockparty was held at the Salomon's
it was chilly in after the sun went down, and Wilson's fireplace came in very handy!

Nick & Leslie's pictures

Yaier's pictures

December 30th 2005
we had a Holiday Party, and included the visiting Hildebrands

September 30 2006

A work in progress

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